Electronics Repair Service Based In Brisbane, Queensland

Kohlbach Electronics works within a number of industries repairing electronics equipment. We service consumer and business computer systems, larger consumer electronics items such as amplifiers, music gear, and other miscellaneous consumer equipment.

We also work with electricians and refrigeration companies to repair air conditioner circuit boards, solar circuit boards and other special systems PCBs.

Computer Repairs

We have over a decade of experience maintaining and repairing personal & small business computer systems.

Our team can help you overcome virus infections, slow running systems, malware problems, computers that won’t boot up and many other common faults.

We can also help you upgrade to a new system without losing your personal data.

Consumer Electronics

Have you been told your consumer electronics item is unrepairable? Having trouble finding someone to repair that odd item that cannot be replaced?

We can help you diagnose and repair faults in many consumer electronics items.

Next time something breaks down, don’t replace it straight away, call us and we can give you a quote on repairing the item.

Commercial PCB Repairs

We work closely with electricians, air conditioner installers and refrigeration contractors and help you repair systems boards from a variety of larger electronics equipment such as air conditioner units, solar units and more.

Avoid the lengthy shipping delays and high costs when replacing system boards. Use a local Brisbane based company to turn around a repair on your system board faults at a fraction of the price.

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The best way to find out if we can repair your item is to get in touch.
We can provide a verbal price range over the phone for most equipment based on a description of what is wrong.

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Kohlbach Electronics

We are Kohlbach Electronics, experts in computer system repairs, based in Brisbane, Australia.

Our passion is in repair and diagnostics of computer equipment for both personal and business clients. With our industry experience and background in electronic equipment repair we’re able to repair what most others say will need replacing and we do it cheaper, faster and better than the rest.

We'd love to work on your computer and we'll have you up and running in no time. Fill in your details above or call and we can have a confidential chat.


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